Apparatus for working with the Needle Shaping technique devised by Prof. G.Fippi

Including 1 handpiece with 3 powers, needle set (3 types of length)

Power cord and professional suitcase

24 month warranty


Increased lip volume – lifting of the cheekbone – neck lifting – face lifting.


Without cables, transportable, light, easy to handle, without the use of chemical products, without the use of wires, suitable for autologous volumetric increase, UNIQUE ON THE MARKET.

Zigomi Lifting Wrinkles

The felc NP cathodic technique is flanked, enhancing it, to the Needle Shaping technique.

Insertion of the needle inside the skin – wrapping action (torsion), transmission of the micro currents with wrap4shaping (power from 1 to 3) useful to hook the fibrin inside the subcutaneous tissue – tissue transplantation for traction – extraction of the needle – lifting effect in memory.

Needle Shaping, a valid alternative to suspension wires and fillers.

Needle Shaping is a non-invasive technique that is part of Nano Ablative Surgery developed by Prof. Giorgio Fippi.

Thanks to this unique technique, in addition to increasing the volumetric deficiencies with the autologous volumetric reconstruction, the somatic parts which, subjected to the traction exerted by gravity or to postural mechanical stresses, have yielded by thinning the dermis can be lifted by traction.

The autologous volumetric increase consists essentially of a microscopic auto transplantation (without explant) of traction tissue, better defined as self-implantation.

The operation is performed by a thin acupuncture needle in which a current can be programmed that can be programmed in the basic parameters (Pulse Width and Pulse Repetition Rate) mixed with a high voltage galvanic current and limited in current.

The mixed currents, enhanced by their synergistic action, are regulated at an intensity that is not perceived by the patient.

Excellent results since the first treatment.