Nano Plasma

Nano Plasma

Anodic and Cathodic

Kit 2 devices (anodic and cathodic)

Including 2 handpieces with 3 powers each (plasmadermapeeling – low power – high power)

Power cord and professional suitcase

24 month warranty

Designed to be used for the Methods designed by Prof. G.Fippi.


Nano Plasma represents the latest generation of tools for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, aesthetic doctors, gynecologists, ophthalmologists and dentists. It is a totally autonomous wireless instrument, extremely manoeuvrable, ergonomic and provides a high level of performance.

It is the ideal tool to perform all Nano Ablative Surgery with the procedures listed on the website.

This tool, aimed at specialists in the field, combines lasers and radio-scalpels, uses the fourth state of matter: PLASMA.

The treated fabrics undergo a real sublimation (passage from the solid state to the gaseous state) and as such they avoid transmitting unwanted heat to the surrounding tissue and to the subcutaneous layer.

The Nano Plasma was created by the need to operate in conditions where lasers or the scalpel radio are difficult to use.

The tissues that conduct pain, both thermic and electrical, have always been an obstacle to the best execution of the most common dermatological surgery such as the diathermic current, which follows the shortest path, usually not preferred.

Furthermore, the depolarization of free nerve endings causes discomfort and the feeling of electric shock that requires local anesthesia.

Nano Ablative Surgery with Nano Plasma can be summarized in three essential steps:

– Firstly, the distance between the final tip of the NP and the skin to be treated.

– Secondly, the ionization of gases contained in the air (the origin of the plasma).

– Third point, superficial tissue sublimation that does not transmit heat to other tissues.

The numerous applications of Nano Plasma and the famous Nano Ablative Surgery are explained

in the first and second level preparatory courses, essential before using the tool.


Non-Ablative Surgery was born in 1989 from an innovative intuition of Dr. Giorgio Fippi dictated by the need to intervene on certain skin diseases and blemishes, without resorting to bloody techniques, avoiding the risk associated with the interventions conducted with traditional surgery.

An important example is the treatment of acne in the active phase and of the cicatricial after-effects.

Therapy validated by the experiences carried out by Prof. Fippi with his NP since 1974.

Active acne and its scars can be permanently eliminated.

These theses are kept and deposited at the SIAE together with the writings in which Prof. G.Fippi describes his exclusive technique.

Today the colleagues of the SIMECNA (Italian Society of Aesthetic Nano Aesthetic Surgery) and most of the medical world, present the spectacular results of patients treated with its methodology and with the tools of Nano Ablative Surgery distributed by Galeno Med.



The treated tissues sublimate without involvement of the dermis (as demonstrated by histological examinations carried out in University Research Centers) and with superior results to lasers since, being not light like the laser, the condensed microplasma does not spread in the surrounding tissues of the area treated and therefore without any kind of damage characteristic of the other techniques.

The patient should not, for example in the case of active acne or post-acne scars, apply creams or anesthetic products that would be useless given the particular and painless sensation induced by sublimation.

With Catodic NP, to get the best result, it is necessary to touch the fabric, avoiding contact with the part, to allow the formation of the microplasma (ionized-concentrated gases not obtainable with other equipment) that will cause the sublimation of the superficial corneous layer only without involvement of the underlying tissues.


Advantages of Cathodic NP compared to competing devices:

less edema, no bleeding – post-treatment of short duration – antibiotic – antibacterial.

The most manageable – three powers for each handpiece – possibility to apply the accessories of the.



non-invasive blepharoplasty, facelift, skin spots, wrinkles

xanthoses, stretch marks, acne and post-acne scar correction, eyelid laxity.


Removal of fibroids, warts, sebaceous cysts, keloids, removal of tattoos.