Galeno Med designs, manufactures and distributes high quality equipment for treatments in Aesthetic Medicine, certified (CE Medicale).

Each piece of equipment is born from the Medical Research, based on the study of the needs of Aesthetic Medicine Professionals operating in national and international territory. The Galeno Group, in partnership with the best Opinion Leaders in the Medical field, creates the project, realizes the first demo devices useful for the study of the results and then proceed with the mass production of the same.

Today, Galeno Med distributes in 6 countries:

Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Republic of Moldova.

Galeno Med operates in full compliance with the quality standards ISO9001 and ISO 13485 and is a Certified Company: the pursuit of the objectives and objectives of the Quality System are the principle of company policy to ensure our customers a high standard of quality (result of continuous improvement of the production processes implemented within the Company).

The Group‘s distinctive value is represented by the continuous and substantial investments in the Research and Development Division, which allow the Company to place on the market, pioneering and efficient ranges of products and advanced equipment, such as equipment designed and produced to be used with the Fippi Method, or equipment for transdermal anodic and cathodic delivery, up to the equipment useful for PRP treatments (unique on the market).

Galeno Med therefore boasts that experience and know-how aimed at the pursuit of optimal quality standards in research, design and production of products and machinery for Aesthetic Medicine, for the best satisfaction of the needs and needs of its customers ( medical specialists, distributors, sellers, end customers, etc.). The appreciation and loyalty demonstrated over time by our partner customers, testify, in a tangible way, the efforts made by the company to pursue its objectives and ensure, on the one hand, the use of advanced technologies, on the other the production of products in step with the evolution of market needs.

The steady increase in business volumes, the logistic / organizational and technical / production growth has allowed for a significant consolidation in the Aesthetic Medicine sector. The collaboration with specialist doctors and a team of electronic engineers has allowed us, over the years, to create state-of-the-art electronic components to achieve the highest standards of reliability in the industry.